Afusat and girls detained – facing deportation to Nigeria tomorrow

Anj Handa

I received a call from Afusat at around 2pm today, telling me that she and the girls have been detained. Bhumika Parmar of BP Legal, Afusat’s solicitor, has confirmed that as Afusat’s legal representative she was not notified that her client had been taken.  It was only upon calling the Home Office herself was she given that information, yet Chapter 60 of Home Office guidelines on Judicial Review state that a minimum of 72 hours’ notice of removal must be provided.

As required, Ms Parmar had previously notified the Home Office that Judicial Review proceedings were underway. Treasury Solicitor’s Department, (a non-ministerial government department providing legal services to many central government departments), had confirmed Afusat’s solicitor that they had received the application and that while she should notify the Home Office of this, she should deal direct with them.  The decision for removal by the Home Office while this process is underway to me seems to go…

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