TSM 15/42 The Migrant Voice

Self Discovery Media Community

Thier Story Matters with Sara troy and her guest Jason Bergen airing October 20th-26th

images (1)Migration the world is made of immigrants from all over the world. Some are running from tyranny a home torn from war and regimes, some come looking for a better life for their family, we need  migrants for we need  people to fill the jobs left by an aging working population there are not enough people left. Is it not all bed and roses for them no, some are held for years waiting for a visa to work, some have a hard time trusting and some are still in such shock of what they have had to run from. But they are here and it is time to welcome and integrate and build cohesive communities for that is how this Global World was built.

02-09-14-Jason photoshop

Jason Bergen is a Canadian (raised in Abbotsford and Saskatoon) who has…

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